Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sketchbooks from my past

Since I have been chronicling my life through my sketchbooks for more than a decade, I thought that I would share a few pages from past visual journals.

These few pages are from my 1996 sketchbook called "HOME: Summer '96"which I kept during my summer back home in Bangalore, India.The sketches document the time I spent with my father while he underwent a bypass surgery, my high school.... a gorgeous structure founded in 1858 which was razed to the ground due to the rapid changes taking place in Bangalore (I'm glad I did that sketch before they tore the building down), our daschund Snoopy, when my cousin Bastian came home, and my problematic knees.

It is interesting for me to revisit these old sketchbooks of mine, and see recurring themes and the slow development over the years.



Friday, May 11, 2007

At Jane's

Jane Glassco has provided me with a wonderful inspirational space to paint...... at her house, and it's been fantastic as a temporary studio.

Here are little drawings from my sketchbook and my meditations of trees on my evening walks on these glorious spring days.

Love and more,