Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Band of Gypsies revival

These wonderful photographs taken by Sarah Morden, of our gallery the"Band of Gypsies" was sent to me while I was in India, and I have to share them with you.

For those of you who've partaken of that cosmic space, and for those of you who have only heard of it, here are some fine memories of what transpired.

Parties, siesta's by the shop window, playing guitar by the doorstep, and hanging out with friends.



Sunday, June 17, 2007

Maharaja of Elsewhere

This week's installment of nocturnal contemplations.

Friday, June 08, 2007

My life this week

A 31 year old lad, constantly seeking life's great mysteries, constantly walking to soothe his soul and constantly painting to release the outpourings of his heart. Is that me? Or is that the perception of all that I do. I have forgotten the great unfolding of enchanted tales, the quick unravelling of answered plots, I have forgotten the questions that seldom have answers and the preliminary deeds which soak momentarily the voice of reason before they burst forth into action. I have forgotten the anticipation of being in love, or the raw emancipation of unhindered spirits into the physical realm of passion and lust. I am now accustomed to a subtle peace, that clings ever so lightly to the fringes of my soul, and gently lays it's presence so softly that sometimes I tend to forget it being there. I am on a path unknown, seeking the friendship of solemn trees that stand strong and furtive as I glide along, notwithstanding the wisdom they possess to arouse within me to stay awhile and converse with them lest I forget the very roots from where I came from.

So long,


My friend Cory

And Ah yes, my sketchbooks are up at the Art window on Pages Bookstore at the corner of Queen St. and John in Toronto,

And at a Book Art exhibition in Abergavenny, Wales till 23rd June 2007.