Sunday, October 01, 2006

Venture forth

Here is an excerpt from Bruce Chatwin's "Anatomy of restlessness" that I love:

"Gradually the idea for a book began to take shape. It was to be a wildly ambitious and intolerant work, a kind of 'anatomy of restlessness' that would enlarge on Pascal's dictum about the man sitting quietly in a room. The argument, roughly, was as follows: That in becoming human, man had acquired, together with his straight legs and striding walk, a migratory 'drive' or instinct to walk long distances through the seasons; that this 'drive' was inseparable from his central nervous system; and that, when warped in conditions of settlement, it found outlets in violence, greed, status-seeking or a mania for the new. This would explain why mobile societies such as the gypsies were egalitarian, thing-free and resistant to change; also why, to re-establish the harmony of the first state, all the great teachers - Buddha, Lao-Tse, St. Francis - had set the perpetual pilgrimage at the heart of their message and told their disciples, literally, to follow the way."


30 day artist said...

love your style!

shyam shriram deshpande said...

Hi there Prashant :) very interesting stuff in ur Blog..btw PC Vikram told me about u..keep posting :)