Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ganges river dolphins

Just thought that I would draw your attention to the Ganges river dolphin. I have seen these beautiful fresh water dolphins swimming gently in River Ganga. They are an endangered species now, as their lives are threatened by industrial and urban pollution, shipping, and they are also hunted for their oil. Very often they get trapped in fishermen's nets too, and their habitats are encroached upon by the building of dams on this river, as they are a migratory lot.

About 4000 to 5000 of these stunning dolphins are alive. They are virtually blind, but use echolocation to feed off other fish. Much public awareness is needed to heed the frequencies of these sublime creatures.


Heipel said...

I just love your work.

natale said...

Thank you for your work. My 6 year old son brought my attention to the plight of the Ganges dolphins. Is your art work for sale?

Anonymous said...

There are dolphins in the Ganges? I didn't know that. I appreciate your work.