Friday, December 15, 2006

Raman Niwas

A new acquaintence of mine, Navneet Raman, whom I met on Assi ghat, commissioned me to do a painting of his family house. It is an exquisite old building in Varanasi which I really enjoyed painting last Sunday. Navneet owns a gallery, where I might show my work too.

So long,


Frasypoo said...

I happened to stumble on your blog and was just blown away.You are so talented !
Is any for sale.I would love to get one for my husband.
You can email me on

4ojos said...

That´s what I called a good new friend!

Anonymous said...

hey the painting is beautiful...and so is the building....would love to c the painting in person...

Manish said...

Its wonderful to see as awesome painting by I use to play cricket in compound of Raman Niwas with Navneet Sir and Aditya Sir..

DFW Real Estate said...

Your blog is great, I'll make sure to pass on your link to my Dallas foreclosures friends.