Saturday, July 21, 2007

....and plenty more

Here are my thoughts on going beyond....

Staying on track. Reminding myself every morning, between sleeping and waking, on moving beyond love, beyond faith, beyond fear, beyond life itself, beyond greed, beyond lust, beyond gay or straight, beyond evolution, beyond race, beyond creed, beyond caste, and beyond religion. Beyond vice, beyond happiness, beyond friendship, beyond gender, beyond equality, beyond peace, beyond despair, beyond pain, beyond belief, beyond expectation, beyond action, beyond thought, beyond truth, beyond the very realms of existence, beyond the vast scope of non entity.

Beyond your wildest imagination,


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Anonymous said...

You are a brilliant artist, Prash, with an unerring eye. Every picture I see catches me somehow and makes me look in.

Thanks for Life's Great Journeys book from Round Lake. What a memento.