Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holla Mohalla

Visited Anandpur Sahib, in Punjab yesterday for Holi and what an eloquent way to celebrate spring. The Nihangs, a semi nomadic warrior community gather there every year and demonstrate their skills in a grand finale that lasts till sundown. Dressed beautifully with their grand turbans, swords at their side, holding spears or long sticks, these stately men strutted along quite peacefully, with warm welcoming smiles.

Uzma and I went into their tents and did some portraits, while they fed us chai and pakoras. Later in the day, they paraded the streets on horses, elephants and vehicles, young and old alike, wielding their weapons in proud warrior showmanship. These moustache twirling men, with their piercing eyes were graceful, kind and a put on quite a show of machochism.

I am blown away every moment by the happenings in this country! Something new to see, all the time.


Dilani said...

Your art is so simple but breathtaking. Keep up the great work! :)
Dilani from Toronto

smokey said...

wow - these are stunning, and so different from the traditional depictions of exotic men in turbans. i love them!