Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old haunts in Bangalore


Anonymous said...

Your sketch of Koshy's captures the spirit of the place perfectly!

I have a technical question to ask - your sketches all have a loose, watery quality - does this mean that you wait for one layer of paint to dry before painting another? (When I try to achieve your effect, the colors just run into each other). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

yes, I do wait for a layer to dry before I I put on another.
Have fun,

shakester said...

oh, wonderful.
Higginbothams and Koshy's are wonderful. Happy to see Peco's here as well, though a tape deck wouldnt have been amiss! :) and Lal Bagh is truly wonderful place for trees.

Lovely set.

Anonymous said...

I can almost smell Koshy's and feel the slightly humid atmosphere inside with the fans whirring....your ability to capture the essence of the places you've visited is astonishing. Wish I was sitting in Bangalore club right now. I envy you your skill! I love the whimsical quality of your subjects..."My first G&T of the season" was an instant hit with me. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook.