Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sneak Peek

Paintings done for my upcoming solo show at Basava Ambara, Bangalore, this October.


Nikita said...

hey tell me one thing

what pen do you use?

and do you paint first and then outline?

am making a card for my father and i want to use water colours and black pen. please help.

Anonymous said...

will you please please post dates for the show in Bangalore.

Anushka said...

I'd like to know dates and exact venue too. After following your blog for almost a year, I'm really quite excited to see your work up close and personal.

Dinvra igaluaC said...

this is the first time i've visited your've inspired me to get back to painting. thank you :)

Alissa Staples said...

Your section in "An Illustrated Life" caught my attention and so I came to visit your site. I love the spiritual quality of your beautiful art. These works are amazing. Have fun with your show!