Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Keep questioning



SandSekh said...

Hi. This is quite gorgeous and fascinating to look at.Enjoying all your previous posts too. :)

waterbaby said...

love ure work
my heart sings..
karl from mumbai thinks ure the one
to bring my story to life
please connect with me
im sure ure the one too..coz ure work and my heart speak almost the same language....
love and light

Anonymous said...

the ultimate reminder for the koan practice...tank you

Anonymous said...

hi prashant,got u'r link thru Shamik and Shalini. Loved u'r work.Were wondering if you would be interested in translating some of u'r works on to ceramics as we are in that field.Our email id is rajanmickey@hotmail.com. Please do get in touch. Regards Rajan/Mickey

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