Monday, February 15, 2010

Healing propositions

Hello companions of this lusciously mad journey,

It seems to be the wildest trip yet. I locked my right knee while climbing a tamarind tree in Assam, last December. Since then I've been hobbling along for a couple of months, with my crutch, or a walking stick, still travelling, and soaking it all in.
I had an arthroscopy to trim the torn cartilage, a couple of weeks ago, and I'm recovering and healing here in Bangalore.
This period, has definitely altered the wiring in my brain. Pain and circumstance has changed my cycles, and creative episodes flourish while I learn to run with my madness.
Here are some outpourings from the release of these episodes, during my time in the hospital, or details from various states of mind.

Hugs galore,
Getting Younger Old man Prash


Yong Shin said...

Hope you knee gets better soon, Prash.

I fortunately came across your blog as I stumbled onto your sketchbook page in a book. I forget which.
But I am grateful to look at your work that's relative to my phase of spiritual and creative becoming- and I am very humbled it.

So, thanks.


ale balanzario said...

Hope you get well soon.

I always enjoy to see your new drawings, these last ones are great.

Take care.

Unknown said...

You inspire me to carry a sketchbook around =) I will start.

Get better soon.

Kavita said...

Greetings from Mumbai. Someone from Europe sent me your blog link. I'm feasting on the fare, thanks.
Hope you're doing well today after surgery, Prashant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Prash, get well soon! Sunandini

beth n said...

stumbled on your blog, am going in this evening to get my knee, which I hurt while skiing a week ago, looked at. I guess it is a coincidence, but I also happen to love your work. will visit again soon and good healing.

shakester said...

hope you heal fast, though this "outpouring", though caused by the situation , is hugely welcome :)

Dee said...

lovely lovely!

Christina Terrell said...

Very nice stuff to stumble upon!