Thursday, February 02, 2012

My entire Cuba sketchbook

Sketchbook from Cuba. Cienfuegos. 2001.


SooSixty said...

Super beautiful! Thanks for sharing Prash! And a happy new year to you :)

Backpacking Ninja said...

Funny i just found your blog today and I already love two things.. Bandra postcards and cuba sketchbook.. im headed to cuba in april and probably printing out your sketchbook as a guidebook ;)

Chris said...

Prash, I thought it looked like you last night but it did not sink in it really was until later Jude excitedly told me he is painting the shack white. I then thought there is only one reason why. Thank you so much for offering to paint the shack for him. I check your blogs regularly and wonder at your art work. How lovely to see it all the while down the beach. Thanks a million. See you later, Chrisnonsan