Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mural workshop in Delhi

Here's a link to the mural workshop in Delhi.
This workshop organized by the Communication Design department at Pearl Academy of Fashion from 13-16th March 2012. There were about 15 participants. The film is edited with footage shot by some of the students, and Prash. 

Workshop by Prashant Miranda
Footage shot by : Prashant Miranda, Tanushree Chawla, Vasudha, Aarushie Aks Bali, Arush Dev, Ratnanjali Khurana, Prateek Vijan
Edited by Kalpana Subramanian
Acknowledgements: PAF, Sumita Sarkar

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Luce said...

Please do a mural workshop one day in Toronto! Hugely and for a long time a big admirer of your work.