Thursday, June 14, 2012

Granada, Spain

Photo by Rosa Borrajo

The best seafood tapas in Granada

I love Granada. I have been moved beyond belief by that space. It is such a mystical, magical and romantic place.


Clair said...

Thankyou Prashant :)
for a wonderful guided tour through Granada. I have recently created some fabric designs inspired by the place, which I have never been to. Now I want to visit more than ever!
So great to see your beautiful drawings and share your thoughts.

Barbara said...

Lovely images of a lovely city!

Rena said...

Superb blog. I am truly inspired.

Melanie Van Houten said...

SO SO SO INSPIRING! thank you for sharing!

Judi Nyerges said...

I love seeing places (to which I will never travel) through the eyes of SKETCHERS, rather than photographers! Thanks so much, Prash.

Serena Lewis said...

Lovely images from your sketchbook, Prash. I find your sketches so inspiring.