Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tribal Tattoos

A back and shoulder Baiga tattoo done in my book by Shanti bai
Gond tribal tattoos which depict the sun, moon, deer, scorpions, flowers etc.
I met Shanti bai and her family when I visited their Gond village in Lalpur last May. They are traditional tribal tattoo artists, and were so kind and welcoming. They took us in, and served us the most delectable dinner, sang songs  and celebrated their open hearts with us. I got a sun and moon tattooed on my forearms last year while I was with them.
Shanti bai at work.
Baiga tattoo for the back of the lower legs.
Forehead and chest tattoo for Baiga women.
I was moved to get a part if a Baiga pattern tattooed behind my knee. Mangala (Shanti bai's daughter) who tattooed my sun and moon, did this one too. It is much smaller than what the original size is meant to be, but it is symbolically a part of their culture, which is now a part of me.
Mangala at work!


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hi ! i am also planing to get one, can you please provide the contact details to reach there

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Really Awesome tattoo i also planing to get some tattoos please provide contact details

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Wow! amazing, I am also going get a tattoo, could you please share the details.