Saturday, July 06, 2013

Mr. Bicycle Eyes....Print!

The colour separations
The first 2 colours
My little helpers.....Zama, Nalo and Dea.

My first finished print!

Hot off the press!

I was eager to do some printing at my artist's residency in Zurich as there is a screen printing studio here. So this is what I finally did, practically on the eve of my last day at the residency. It's been tons of fun!
We've had a fantastic day exposing the screens, mixing colours, working on the screens, and finally they are done!
Thanks to Michael, Mira, Zama and Nalo, Dea, Kalpana. And of course Caro and Yves for inviting me to this residency. It's been great!

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Véronique said...

Dear Prash, I often visit your blog and admire your work but I never leave any comment. Unfair. Just a few words to tell you I admire your work, I love reading you too. I love knowing your impressions about the places you visit. Thanks for your great work and your joy. Thanks for sharing.