Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September birthdays

Today's my dad's 79th birthday. Here's the card I did for him.

At 79 you seem fit and string,
Mind, body and spirit seem to all get along.
Your gentle nature and caring ways
Have swiftly brought you to these days.
From Quilon, Punalur and Bangalore,
Who would have thought there would be more?
And now Canada is the place called Home,
Where I am writing this little poem.
Thank you pa you're the greatest dad
That anyone can wish for or have ever had!
And thank high Heavens for papa John,
And this special day that you were born!

And my mom turned 70 on the 11th. Here's her card:

70 years of beauty and grace,
Children, grandchildren and no lines on your face!
It's been 7 decades since you were born
How did time pass so quickly from that 11th September morn?
I've known you now for 38 years
And you've been the best mom - that calls for 3 cheers!
Thank you mama for being Super Stellar
And thank you God for our dear Mother Majella.

My mom, dad and I all celebrate our birthdays within the span of a week!

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