Monday, November 04, 2013

Joel on his celphone

This is a letter that Joel Benson wrote to me on my birthday.

Prince Prash,

Somehow, there is an inkling of a thought that is tinkling
resounding and reverberating in the stalactites and stalagmites of existence
recognizing the great gonging that is the bell which is ringing in glee
celebrating the birth of a man who's worth can't be measured in words
or in song, in images, paintings or sketches, in scribbles or scrawling of
scribes somehow attempting to pay homage to royalty born
in great innocence, humility, honour and skill
a joy that's inherent each moment he breathes 
is ecstatic- a poem in breath that will find it's way onto a page
illustrating a tincture of thought or a longing for more
tracing birds that are soaring or buildings forgotten if not for his hands
so exquisite
expression as eloquent as breezes through leaves
he's a gift in each moment existing
he is lending his verve and his cavernous talents to mirroring life
this world that surrounds him and seeks him on journeys he takes that are epic
adventures he shares taking dares that life flings in his path
you are dancing, divine friend- a great entity wise and so innocent
open-eyed wonders befall you
let my meager words fall upon you like spray from the ocean i swam in today
giving thanks for your presence so healing, inspiring, and open.
i love you, dear friend and can't wait to share in festivities 
thrown in celebration for all that is you
and i hope you're surrounded by love
and by music and people inspiring
that keep your fires stoked
and invoking your spirit to thrive
and keep striving for peace in each step. 
my wish is, you'll find it in every eye that you meet,
in each scene or horizon that sprawls out before you
providing you food for your tools to ignite
express every essence you share 
laying bare and giving so freely-
i offer my gratitude and raise my last mouthful of porter to you.
happy born-day, birthaversary
the world's opportunity to thank-you for sharing this sphere with us
filling us up with your love and great visions
jumping out from your notebooks and canvases 
and find us enlightened by offerings genuine
stunning- so fine.
loving you so much, dear Prashant, from coast that is west
i'll be there in a week to share drinks and imbibement
acknowledging all that is you
love you huge 
and we'll see you quite soon~

your friend, 


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