Monday, April 14, 2014

Journey Sojourn Journal

My limited edition book of my travels in India during 2013 is finally out. Only 100 signed and numbered copies are available. So send me an email to book your copy.


Shikha said...

How much is it for? Any student discounts :) ?!

Anonymous said...

I too would love one, and I'd also know how much it will be for? :)

Chandan Crasta said...

Hi Prashant, this should be real fun! how much is this? i came by your show at The Leela, last year?, missed meeting you. i'm a friend of roy/arti, we were all together at Srishti. i remember your presentation as well . .. nice work man!

Lynn Cohen said...

I need to know the cost of your wonderful book please. Now back to your class at Sketchbook Skool.

Darlene Campbell said...

I emailed you about getting a book...but here it is too just in
Looking at these pages and the ones you showed in SS I love how clean your pages look. Like how the white space compliments your painting. I tend to fill up all of the space with color and that is fine, but I am going to practice not being afraid to leave some white space. Beautiful person. Beautiful work.

Shannon said...

I love your work and one of the reasons I signed up to Sketchbook Skool. My email is Thank you.

Shannon Smith

Lady Aga said...

Prash, how much is it for? Love your watercolors video from Sketchbook Skool:) My email

akriti seth said...

Hello Sir,
I saw a copy of your book with my boss Mr. Rajeev Ravindranathan. I gave my heart away to it the moment I saw it.
I was wondering how can I get a copy of it.
My email id is

Thanks a lot
Akriti Seth

sechu_sende said...

Hi, Prash, I need to know the cost of your marvelous book, please. Obrigado!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy your work, your outlook and approach to life. The page of all the tiger faces brought a smile to my face. :) Would like a copy of your book. Please let me know the cost. My e-mail Thank you.

Jess Blackmore said...

Hello Prashant,
I am one of your students in SBS this week, and would love to buy a copy of your book. The question will be, can I afford it:)! Do you have any left? And if yes, how much do they cost. Thanks, jess
Ruby(at) opaltones(dot)com
I have totally enjoyed all your videos, demonstrations, the journals you've shown us, and the one you !Gave! Us. Many thanks for being a wonderful teacher.

mamancass4 said...

Hello, I would like to reserve one of these beautiful books. I am one of your online students. I live in France so if you could please send me an email at with shipping information with the zipcode 42320. Thank-you.

Darlene Campbell said...

Hi Prashant, I just purchased your book. I'm so excited to own a copy. Wondering if you autograph the books? I would be grateful if you would.

platter said...

Hi Prashant,
Great to see the book come out! Been following your blog ever since i picked up a copy of an illustrated life.
Sorry not sure on how to send you an email. Can you please let me know how to book a copy ? My email is

Kimi Cronin said...

I would like to purchase your book. I left a comment earlier with my incorrect e-mail. Correct e-mail is The pages look beautiful, the tiger page I love. Hope I'm fortunate enough to buy your book. Thank you!

mansi nikam said...

oh i would so love to own one. how much is it?

my email is

Sabrina said...

I would love to have a copy. can it be sent to Germany?
my email is:

Helene vinet said...

Dear Prashant, beautiful man , mind , spirit! I am reading your great book. Every page is a wonderful adventure of discovery and emotions!

Long live Pradesh!

Beth said...

Hi Prash,
Loved your klass in SBS. What is the cost of this book?


Edric Hsu said...

Dear Prash, alas I saw this too late, your limited edition book must have been sold out by now! But on the off-chance that there is still a copy available, may I know how could I get one please? My current email is: Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

amber said...

I would like to purchase a copy of your book. What is the price? My email address is:

Thank you.

Julie said...

Please email me. I'd love a copy of your book!

Janette Meetze said...

I enjoyed meeting you in Sketchbook Skool and would love to have a copy of your book. I have also emailed you. My email is jmeetze8@

Thank you for a wonderful week of instruction.

Irene said...

I enjoyed your segment of Skool and would love your book. May I know the price?

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Lia said...

If there is a one book left I would love to buy it. My email:

Bindu said...

Hi Prashant,

I know it is too late, but by any chance I could get a copy of this book.

Request you to kindly provide me the details.(

Thank you.

Naval Naik said...

Hi prashant ,

the book looks good i would like to have a copy of the same,
please let me know what is the price and how do i pay for it.

in need it delivered in goa