Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This July


Darlene K Campbell said...

Ah ha Prashant, I have expressed a similar theme in my journal and meditation lately...of the suffering and horror in the world and that of being happy or what I can do. It always comes back to me that the core of my mindfulness practice is to take care of these emotions and not to run from them. Expressing them in art, or recognizing them in words in my journal brings relief. Being embraced by the collective energy of our community or tribe is quite powerful then healing and understanding can happen rather quickly. Even though I know all of this sometimes I struggle to practice it, or to bring it full circle. But then I open a page of your book, or see one of your blog posts and I find what I was searching for. I learn from you... how you live, how you celebrate... how you express yourself on the page. Your pages are scripted beautifully and the energy of your mindfulness on these pages... the energy of celebration you have for people... and animals & nature will surely have a ripple effect in the world one person at a time......promoting mindful living and peaceful living.
Hope I get to explore another of your books soon.

Darlene K Campbell said...
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suzy said...

I've finally wended my way to your blog Prash. Delighted.
I LOVE this post!
Hearty greetings. I hope Canada is treating you kindly,