Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Laxmiji's fabulous thalee

Laxmi ji's fabulous Thalee. Laxmiji is one of the kindest gentlemen I have had the pleasure to meet in my life. I met him in 2002 at his tiny one room restaurant in Varanasi where he cooks and serves his delicious food. Since then he has fed me innumerable times his soul nourishing food, refusing to take the little money that he charges for his wholesome goodness. I have sketched him many a time, and he even has a sketch that I did of him when we first met, that hangs on the wall of his restaurant. He's truly a great man. I love him dearly!


glimpses of thoughts... said...

where is laxmiji's place? I would love to get a taste of his deliocious food too.

Ria Patel said...

Prash - what are the contents of the thaali? Does Laxmi Ji share recipes?
This is a really lovely post / tribute to him !