Friday, January 16, 2015

The end of my Benares chapter.


Karen said...

I like the way you fill your sketchbook with completely different pages, but still they all seem to fit together. I'm still 'struggling' to find my 'style', that's why my sketchbook is such a circus... but then, I'm really a beginner :) 'Peace' is what comes to mind when I see your art. Beautiful! Greetings, Karen (one of your SBS-students this week)

Bindu Upadhyay said...

Just yesterday night, I felt that I was struggling to find my style. Feels great to see karen saying the same.

@Prash- I love you work. I have never missed a post. I wanted to ask a couple of things. More like suggestions-
How do you manage to use water colours while on the go? Cakes?
What are good tools to digitize the art that you make on paper?

Prashant Miranda said...

Thanks Karen!
And Bindu, I carry a little watercolour box with cakes in it. And I shoot my work on my little iphone. It works rather well!