Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sketchbook Pages AT Pages

If you are in the Queen Street West Area in Toronto, some of Prash's sketchbook pages are on display in the window of Pages Bookstore. Things were hopping this afternoon. Lots going on.

A duo showed up and were playing very fitting world music on Tambura and Digeridoo, just down the street a few steps from the art.

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orange said...

Dear prashant

I am really happy that i am gettng a chance to look at your lovely work again. It is brilliant and beautiful, subtle and honest. I spotted the window at pages today. ..and i am so glad you've joined the blogworld and sharing your work on the net.

I really wanna meet up with you soon. I am trying to get all the guys i know to go and take a peek at the lovely window at pages.

Prash, i am much obliged to barry ..and really happy i got to meet you and keep in touch with you all this while. I was lacking a serious dose of inspiration and your work is exactly that. Everytime i am at Hosu, i try and get seats right close to your work...and keep bragging to all my friends about you. your work just pours itself out....a privilege prash..a privilege. You'r on top of my links roster.

hope all is well
see you soon
best regards