Sunday, April 30, 2006

Joyful moment in art captured!

Why are these people so happy! Ah, this is the happy moment when a piece of Prashant's art is actually SOLD! Prashant is happy, the person who is buying the art is supremely happy and we can only imagine that all of the people who see the art will have their hearts and minds expanded and their hearts gladdened.

Small commercial break to say that one can actually buy Prash's art and that would be great because it would help him pay the bills and also spread his art around the world.


Sans Comic said...

a series of futunate urls kind of led me to your blog, reminding me that i had met you once with kalpana. you tried on a few of my shirts ! came here through danny gregory's page where i saw some of your work. its great. hopefully will see some more on the blog, or somewhere in the real world. keep going ! love and best wishes. ~pallab.

Revati Upadhya said...

hey i think we met at chaitra and dans wedding in goa december 2004. i dont think you'd remember me, but i am a friend of rams and came there with sunaad-the music group.

anyway its nice to have found this.. what a surprise. and your work is brilliant.