Thursday, May 11, 2006

William's cottage

last week I went up to William's cottage on a cliff in Sundridge Ontario. It snowed on may 6th!
Here are a couple of watercolours from my sketchbook of William, and Lucci and ling on the armchair.


720 X 576 said...

Hey prashant,,,
nice to see your blog...
i met you NID, and showed you our work...( if you remember “bheeru no 1”)...
so how you doing!!!
like your nude ones...

Dancing Leaves said...

Thank you for starting this blog. Prashant's artwork can now be shared with the world.

After seeing your artwork and how you have built your own life around it, you have convinced me that seeing art in everything is and always will be the path to nirvana. I read about all the good work you have been doing. Thanks for living as an example to others.