Friday, September 28, 2007

Autumn in my soul

The moon is high and there's a stirring in my bones
I chose not to listen to the subliminal tones
That awaken the deep dark senses that often do prevail
In substantial notions of this autumnal tale.

My leaves are slowly falling, turning red and gold
My senses tend to delve, into my stories never told
I'm grasping to the colours that transcend time and space
My actions are my answers, it's another winter that I face.

The feeling is of excitement, a travelling that lasts
of moving on to present, beyond a sea of pasts
I'm sailing on an ocean, come rolling from a stream
My life to me has become a consequential dream.

Thank you for this magic, this ever present sound,
That skips across the the universe with peace and love abound.

My roots are growing deeper, my life is flying high,
I'm understandably soaring way beyond the sky
And into such proportions of peacefulness I seek,
of lessons that I gather, and experience that I speak.


Tirthankar Guhathakurta said...

Hi Prash,

loving greetings from kolkata.
sorry for the delay in catching up. How r u? :-)


Heipel said...

Lovely verse.


deepanjali said...

Your blog is nice. I think you should add your blog at BlogAdda and let more people discover your blog. It's a great place for Indian bloggers to be in and I am sure it would do wonders for your blog.

Dineh said...

I find your blog sooooo inspiring and I love the journals :-) makes me want to start some too. Great idea.