Sunday, September 02, 2007

My India report

Hello hello,

So this epic journey around India begins. I'm travelling around the country for a month, picking the brains of young Indians, to find out what's going on in the minds of our current generation.

The show is called 'My India report', where 6 of us travel to 8 different cities all over India. You can follow our travels on our blog before the blogumentary comes out on Channel V.
So check out

And much love from Mumbai,
P.S. I'm off to Ahmedabad tomorrow.


Fingers said...

n Ahmedabad?!
Are you coming to NID?

anupreet said...

While flipping thru d channels i saw ur promo wid really cool sketches... They r amazing..
btw r u related to Mario Miranda? thr is some resemblance...

Dancing Leaves said...

Hey Prashant! Good to see you! Great work!!! Left you a comment at luck with your journeys! H

Linda Rogers said...

Love the image of you peeking out from behind your art. Very allegorical because you are always peeking out whimsically from your drawings.