Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long, long ago

Some torments and ramblings, from my past. You can handwriting was different then.


abhishek singh said...

ur work's always a treat :)
n soooo inspirin :)

Samyuktha P.C. said...

The first painting i did in one of these art classes in school was typically out of torment. There were kids painting butterflies, houses and trees on their papers. But I just could not get those lines done naturally and I got so irritated I picked up a nice brush dipped it into black paint and went on scribbling. Round and Round. All my classmates thought I had gone crazy and kept staring at my paper. Then I realized the black mass started to look like a rain cloud, a dense river, inside of an atom, and then a woman. It sure shot me to fame in art class! But that was certainly the last fun painting, because after it I have been learning all these art forms that just refuse to speak out of the paper. Going through one more torment phase and let's see where this goes. He he..sorry just had to share that story! :)