Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Birdi Num Num

I have illustrated a children's book for World Literacy of Canada, which is being published by Oxford University Press. This limited edition of Birdi Num Num, is a fundaraiser for WLC and will be launched this November. Here are a few spreads from the book.


amruta patil said...

childrens books in india have been aching for this calibre of illustration to come their way. can't wait to see this. is there a way i could reserve/ensure i get a copy?

Gulzar said...

Great going mate!
love those loose wash paints strokes! great! i love all of your simple illustrations...esp that card for your German client!

ahh! i see you are friends with Robin, that patch of orange is surly a wonderful guy!

was he your senior is it?


megha punater said...
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DhoyM said...

wow, beautiful!!

pushy said...
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pushy said...

i keep talking about you
and your attitude
and your work
to everyone

we are printing slying flosser t shirts
one small size would be kept for you

Mena said...


I really enjoyed your workshop at Sheridan, and your blog. At the lecture you read a passage from Martha Graham. I looked for it but I can't find it. Could you please send me a link were I can find this?


Nazu Tonse said...

lovely illustrations and the story looks fun too. But most intriguing is the offer of "slying flosser tshirts" by one of your commenters. I may not be able to sleep tonight trying to figure that one out!