Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Children's books

The website for the Children's books that I've been working on, is finally out.

These books were commissioned by Vinay Diddee  of Little Latitude in Bangalore.

It is a series of 3 books, with themes of air (birds), the sea and land, written by Kalpana Subramanian, and illustrated by me. It's been fun working on these books, and here is a snippet of what you will see. I've been working on them in Canada....out in nature while watching whales in Tadoussac, whilst in Toronto, and cottage country in the Kawartha lakes. The 'sea' book I did in Goa, by the beach. And the 'land' book I illustrated in Jaisalmer and Delhi.

The books are being printed, and will be on sale shortly.

The website was done by Roy and Arati. (www.royandarati.com)
Working on the 'bird' book, on a rock in Tadoussac
Did a spread everyday on the beach in Goa.
Sneak peek at the land book
You can see previews of all of these on the website.


ale balanzario said...

Thanks for sharing your work, its fantastic, full with life and joy!!

Barry Parker said...

Dear Prashant,

Your post arrived on the same day that birds were featured on the Google page.
Great work.

Azhar said...

The books look fantastic!

somesh kumar said...

Well composed spreads with good amount of breathing space. Like the usage of text too, quite playful in its nature. Looks great.

eSwami said...

I will for sure buy a set for my kids.

alex brodo said...

hey prash

the books look great!
I'd like some for my kid in preparation!
let me know when the store is open


Prashanth said...

Hi Prashant, browsed littlelatitude.com just now and decided to ring in my appreciation immediately, so googled you and reached here. Wonderful sense of colourful setting, space and arresting style. Your Lotuseaters group is fascinating. Is it open? Can one join? :) Loved your work, which I hope you will keep up for much greater times. Cheers

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Prashant,
I absolutely love your work ... these books look like a real fun read ... I just showed them to my 5 yr. old and she was completely enamoured ... 'wow! mama I love it was her reaction'... It is a real pleasure to come and visit your blog.

Leena said...

How can I buy a few copies Prashant? Would love to give as birthday gifts to some of our friends children.
DO let me know.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

This great, I too would love to own one :)