Thursday, April 07, 2011

An old sketchbook

An old sketchbook that I bound with wood and leather.
So I used a very light wood.....Balsa wood, and I could literally poke holes through it, so it was easy to sew the leather spine with the front and back wood covers. Then hot glued a leather strap and buckle.
Bound 90 lb watercolour paper in bundles, and stitched it all together to the spine.
Ofcourse I filled it all far as I can remember it was filled with drawings of an Itzak Perlman concert, and other winter angst filled drawings in 2000.


Elizabeth said...

Pretty. Love that it is long and narrow. Did you fill it up?

Anonymous said...

i love this sketchbook, Prashant!!!!

aeiman said...

very intriguing!