Friday, May 10, 2013

On the pursuit for beer

For some reason there seems to be a shortage of beer in Alleppey. So today after hanging out my washing to dry, I decided to walk to the market to see if the beer had arrived so I could stock up on some. Gopi dropped me off to the mainland by canoe from where I walked to the market.

Here is a hoarding that I saw along the way to the market. Well, there was beer. So I picked up some, and in the midday heat, decided to stop for a beer at the local bar.

The place was full of characters! Babu was sitting next to me and I quickly sketched him, and soon after Prince who was watching wanted me to do a picture of him too. 

When I got back, I hollered to Gopi, who came to pick me up from the little island. Here he is on the canoe.
Then lunch and a siesta!

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Anita said...

You're work is wonderful! I love how great even your sketches much talent!