Saturday, May 25, 2013

The correspondence of Harper and Madeleine

Havelock island
March 2013

Dear Madeleine

These are the mighty shores 
That have opened all my pores
Of sparkling sands and silken seas
There are none such as these
Not to mention those stunning trees
That are truly great Andamanese

I'm here at last after many a year
Travelling both far and near
I may have reached some other ground
For in this space I think I've found
A spot where I'd like to hang my hat
Now what do you think about that?

A forest that's landed into the sea
That's exactly where I'd like to be
Night swimming under the moon
Can only make you swoon
Sparkles of phosphorescence in everything you touched
Life is really made of star dust

I'm bewitched by this enchanted land
To find some solace in sea and sand
Most certainly will be back for more
And hopefully bring you to this shore.


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