Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beromünster, Sempach and the Cathedral of trees

Michael took is to a beautiful baroque church....St. Michael's in Beromunster, where in 1794 the monks planted a Cathedral of trees called Waldkathedrale in the surrounding areas.
We then went to his parents house for drinks, where an old painting was unrolled! Michael and I met 15 years ago at the National Institute of Design, where he had come from Switzerland for a 5 month animation stint. We became good friends, and he got this Bollywoodesque mural made with him as the central character. That's me drinking tender coconut water with the cap, towards the right of him. Well 15 years later, here I am in Switzerland taking a trip down memory lane. Michael and his wife Mira are amazing artists, and you can see their incredible work here.

We stopped at a lovely pond with the spectacular view of the alps, on the way back to Beinwil am See.

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