Friday, January 18, 2013

Nat Geo doc

The National Geographic documentary of me travelling through Madhya Pradesh is on TV.
Here's the link to the documentary
Disclaimer: They've dubbed over my voice, so it's not me speaking!


Harshad Madhav Godbole said...

Hi Prashant,
I am following your blog from when you were painting bungalows from Bandra, Mumbai. I love your style of working and I would like to meet you and want to hear your experiences . I live in Pune. Whenever you will be in India and nearby Pune/ Mumbai, just let me know. I am also artist; you can visit my website
Best Wishes
- Harshad

Cam said...

The video looks amazing! You must be so thrilled to have had such an experience. Is it possible to see the completed movie online? Hope all is well!

Rukminee Guha Thakurta said...

Wonderful, Prash! I hope you have a recording of the show that we can watch together next month in Delhi.

Edric Hsu said...

Thank for sharing the video and it's awesome to see you in action! Are there more in the series?