Monday, January 14, 2013

Soar once more

Getting ready to soar once more.

My kite couldn't wait to fly. It was amazing!

Flying my kite in front of 'The Baggies' shack, that I painted.

Children watching the sunset.

Yesterday was the kite festival for Liza's school (, which took place on Betalbatim beach in Goa. The kite festival usually happens on January 14th as part of the celebrations of Makara Sankranti in North India, or Pongal in the south. It signifies the ascent of the sun into the northern hemisphere and the kite festival is often celebrated with gusto in Ahmedabad where I studied, and also in Varanasi where I worked for a while.
The kids made their kites in school, I helped them with making posters which were used to direct their families to the beach and it was a wonderful gathering on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. My kite couldn't wait to fly. It simply took off and soared. It felt like a direct analogy for the state of my soul. I think I have been preparing for a while to take flight and am slowly taking the necessary measures to soar.
Happy Flying

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