Monday, January 21, 2013

The making of my new sketchbook

My beautiful new sketchbook

Mr. Peter Menezes at work in his studio

Mr. Menezes outside his studio window with the book that he bound for me.

Tearing up my paper, while having a beer.

I peeked into the window of an old house in the Fontainhas area in Panjim Goa, and found Mr. Peter Menezes, a master bookbinder hard at work. He works in a little room with 2 windows surrounded by his piles of books, leather, paper and paraphernalia from another era. I asked him if he would bind me a sketchbook and he immediately agreed. I ran out and picked up some watercolour paper, tore it to size over a beer and barged into his studio while he was having his fish curry an rice lunch out of his tiffin carrier in the midst of all his work. There were heaps of books on the floor, on bookshelves and piled up on his table in this dilapidated old room.  He said that he would have the book ready in a day.

When I came back to pick up my book, Mr. Menezes was leaving for the day and I managed to take a few photographs of him outside his studio window with my beautiful book.

Here is a little footage that I took of Mr. Peter Menezes at work in his incredible little studio.

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