Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dream Re-visited

The most interesting thing happened today.I had a vivid dream when I first reached India, this time in Delhi, Iwrote the dream down in my sketchbook, and sent the image over in my email 3 months ago, it went....
'Dreamed of an old house which also seemed like a gallery where the art onthe walls had to be changed from time to time. At the back corner was a newly found well, that was so deep that when I jumped into it, i could godown only as much as I could hold my breath before i had to return to thesurface.'Ofcourse, i had forgotten about the dream, which was 3 months ago, andjust the other day, a friend was looking through my book,and found thedream interesting. It was only after rereading it did I get a familiarityof the space being Hotel Ganges View, where I am having my exhibition. itis an old house, where they do change the artwork on the walls quiteoften.So today, i asked Shashankji if there was a well in their premises, and Ieven pointed out the direction of it, and he confirmed that there was aold well there, which still supplies all the water to the hotel!!! he saidI couldn't jump into it though,as it's been covered over!the likes of Sting, and Rohinton Mistry when then come to Varanasi, staythere, so it has qutie the reputation.
Such are the interesting things happening in my life. The show is wonderful.

Two paintings sold today.



Editor's Note: Oddly enough this was part of a sequence of sketches that I mysteriously forgot to include in the right order and had only recently inserted.

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