Monday, February 20, 2006

From the heat that is here

Hello fellow tribespeople of our lovely planet,

Let me try and describe this morning, which I would only associate with India: The weather is fair with the cool air that comes with early freshness. Birds chirp everywhere, the river glints as it passes sublimely northward. Fresh flowers in vibrant colours brought out as offerings to
Mother Ganga. And under the shade of a Bodhi tree, I don't feel the intensity of the sun as it hits the ghats that I sit on. A light breeze and a sip of chai is what it takes to make me a happy man. Old holy men hunched with the weight of strings of rudraksh beads hung around their
neck, solemnly make their way up these stairs, reciting sanksrit prayers to divinities....a formidable shape of orange drifting upwards into the haze of city life, after a cool dip in the peaceful holy river.

A few sketches from last weekend. I'm going to be painting like crazy this weekend, as i've been asked to have a little show of my paintings at Hotel ganges view, which is a charming spot here in Assi ghat.The hotel has gained some repute over the last few years, as many an interesting personality has stayed over there. Shashankji who owns the hotel is graciously being a patron, and has even offered that I dine there everyday! Well I'm off for a Bharatnatyam dance
recital which is happening in an hour.

From the heat that is here, and the fire in my soul,


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