Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Ganga Mahal viewed from the River

Here are some late night ramblings when there's no electricity....In the stillness of the night, at half past three.... I have watched the moon rise from different paths over the horizon (over the last three months). It is a crescent waning moon that i see outside my window which throws silver on Mother Ganga. Dogs howl, while crickets and frogs merge their drone into the universal sound. The hot days and nights have begun, and over the last three months I have sensed a transition of seasons and varied temperatures, a myriad of festivals and ongoing fervour of
perpetual devotion and faith. The heat has brought with it the innumerable insects that pay homage to the candlelight by which I write, and the cool moonlit air from over the river provides temporary relief from that blaze of fire which warms my bones, heart and soul....and which makes me seek the shade of ancient trees during the day!

Today I painted a mural at Katesar village in the sweltering heat. Madness! But it's fun. I asked the sewing girls from the village to get me some fresh date palm toddy and it arrived at the perfect time. A refreshing break from the scorching sun...The two o'clock shadow beckoned
and soon after, I sat entangled amongst the roots of an ancient neem tree. (If you don't know, I've designed a bunch of placemats for the women at the Social Enterprise programme in Katesar, using interesting textiles, simple traditional techniques, and contemporary designs).

Jane Glassco commissioned me to do a painting of the Ganga Mahal, so I took a boat out on the river and did this watercolour. It's rather interesting doing such a painting with a moving station point, sitting on a twirling boat. My room's the farthest left on the first balcony.


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