Monday, February 20, 2006


While at the Ganga Mahal, Prashant completed this mural. I recognized many of the characters from earlier sketches.


nachonuriayceci said...

Hi Prash!
I'm glad you have your own blog. Thank you Linda for puttin' all his wonderful art together.
Nacho Nuria and Cecilia

ps: we have our own too! Check it out, click on our name on this post.

Christine Davis said...

Thanks to Linda for putting together this great blog of Prash's art and writing. I love it - especially the slideshow! Keep the e-mails coming Prash. They are a smiling delight to me everyday.


Linda Rogers said...

Thanks Christine. I've set it up so Prash is emailed all the comments. Glad you like the slideshow.

Nancy said...

Finally made it over here, Linda - spectacular blog! How refreshing after the week I have had! Thanks for your efforts!