Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mountains beckon with the voices of angels and sages


The mountains beckon, and tomorrow I leave for the Himalayas, first to Amritsar and then to Dharamshala where the Dalai Lama resides. Given my constitution, physicality and stature, i am a seeker of warmth and light... I am therefore uncertain about my yearning to brave the cold
north and experience the mountains. To perceive the depths of my ponderings in a single glimpse of the unknown is a questionable task. I am often overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of reaching out to 'help' another being at times, but I have realised that a smile, a peaceful disposition or a direct look in the eye (I), can make all the difference. To attribute the consequence of my actions to the revelations of the divine is a possibility in this forest of bliss.
Tomorrow is Mauni Amavasya (Silent New moon), an auspicious day where people observe silence throughout the day. This has naturally piqued my interest and I am making an effort not to utter a word tomorrow, but such ideas might be thwarted by the troupe I'm travelling with during our 24 hour train journey to Amritsar. You might not hear from me for a bit, but
I shall be thinking of you from the pleasurable heights of the Himalayas.


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